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Turning Concept Art into a 3D Model in Blender

I’ve been writing a lot about the software engineering side of game development recently, and today, I decided to write about the art side. For my next game, I’m aiming for a lighthearted “cartoony” look, while capturing the adventurous fantasy … Continue reading

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More Progress on Character Work

While I’m spending most of my time working on getting my asset build pipeline working, I’ve obviously needed files to test with. Here’s a little bit more progress on the hero character. Most of the model and rig are still … Continue reading

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Character Modeling in Blender

Work is still in progress on the hero character for my next game. I’m posting this animated gif to make up for the horrendous attempt from the previous post.

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Back in Blender

It’s been a while since I’ve done some 3D modeling work. I used to be a heavy 3ds max and Maya user, but have since switched to Blender3D. I’m still new to Blender; I’d say about 3-6 months worth of … Continue reading

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Next Project

Here is the first breath of life for my next project.

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Using Unity LineRenderer for Debug Drawing

I needed to render debug lines for some prototyping that I’m doing for a future project. Unity (5.0.1f1) has functions in the Debug namespace for DrawLine and DrawRay, but unfortunately, these functions only render in the Editor view, and not … Continue reading

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