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Automatic Thumbnail Image Generator for 3D Objects in Unity

Video games these days usually contain some form of inventory, or list of objects. Just like on Amazon, the end-user can have a better experience perusing through pictures of items rather than a list of text items. Here’s an example … Continue reading

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Paint Tool Impressions – Affinity Photo

After finishing up the post about my impressions of various paint programs a couple of years ago, I realized that I had not mentioned Affinity Photo. At the time, Affinity Photo was gaining a lot of ground in the competition … Continue reading

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Unity AssetBundles

For the game that I’m currently working on, I decided to implement support for Unity’s AssetBundles. Right out of the gate, I jumped into the API and started implementing it in my game, since it seemed so straightforward. Lo and … Continue reading

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Paint Tool Impressions

Since my last entry, in which I found myself at a development crossroads, I’ve taken some time to explore different paint tools. For Horde Rush and parts of Number Crunchers, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 (PSE9) and Paint.NET were my tools … Continue reading

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Multiplayer Network Solutions for Unity (Photon and PlayFab)

Aside from working on a side project to my side project, which I recently finished, I’ve gotten back to my original side project (my next game) and found myself researching on some tech for a large feature. Talk about “writing … Continue reading

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Time-lapse Gamedev Session Recording

Here are a few tips for some of you indie game developers out there, that are looking to show off some of your work via time-lapse video. CamStudio Download CamStudio, which is a free and open source video capture program. … Continue reading

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How to Extract Layers from a Photoshop File with ImageMagick and Python

For a project that I’m working on, I need a way to extract each layer of a Photoshop PSD file and have them written out as separate PNG image files. To do this, my first thought was to use ImageMagick. ImageMagick … Continue reading

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A Couple of Weeks After Launch

It’s been a couple of weeks since Horde Rush has released on the Google Play Store, and I’ve gotten some really good feedback from players. I’m glad to know that most of the feedback is positive, and I’m also glad that whatever … Continue reading

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Some New Monsters in Blender

I added a couple of new monsters to my game: a skeleton guy and a werewolf character.    I originally thought that modeling and rigging the skeleton would be easier than modeling a skinned mesh, it turned out to be … Continue reading

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More Game Progress

Here’s a video of some progress on gameplay from a few weeks back. It’s gettin’ there, slowly but surely!

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