A Couple of Weeks After Launch

It’s been a couple of weeks since Horde Rush has released on the Google Play Store, and I’ve gotten some really good feedback from players. I’m glad to know that most of the feedback is positive, and I’m also glad that whatever negative feedback I’ve gotten, it has been generally constructive, and a lot of it is actionable.

While I’m trying to figure out how best to promote my latest game, I’ve been keeping busy with a few more features and fixes to the gameplay based on the feedback I’ve received, and I’m also working on the iOS port! Yay!

So back to that “promoting” thing… It’s rough. I knew it was going to require a tremendous amount of effort to generate awareness for the game. And I know that many indie game developers fall flat at this point as well. So, I’m still working at it, and my hope is that eventually, a lot more people will enjoy Horde Rush.

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