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Some New Monsters in Blender

I added a couple of new monsters to my game: a skeleton guy and a werewolf character.    I originally thought that modeling and rigging the skeleton would be easier than modeling a skinned mesh, it turned out to be … Continue reading

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More Game Progress

Here’s a video of some progress on gameplay from a few weeks back. It’s gettin’ there, slowly but surely!

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Signing Into Android Google Play Game Services with Unity

Google Play Game Services Google Play’s Game Services provide mobile apps with social game elements like leaderboards, achievements, and quests, which can give more value to the players of those apps. Since I’m using Unity for my current project,  I’m using … Continue reading

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Zombie Model and Texture

Here’s some work in progress on my zombie model that’s closer to my production target. I’m still getting through the production grind!

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Number Crunchers Update!

I’m excited to see that more people are starting to try out Number Crunchers from the Google Play Store! This encouraged me to update it a bit with a couple of things that I wanted to get in. 1.02 Release … Continue reading

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The Grind

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted, which is pretty uncharacteristic of me, judging by my previous posting history. Well, I’ve been caught up in the “grind”. Basically, that’s what I’m calling the Production stage of my current game that … Continue reading

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Blender Rigify Bone Selector Panel

I’ve been ramping up my animation production lately, and one of the annoyances that I’ve run across while using Blender’s Rigify armature is that it can be difficult to select some of the control bones for a few reasons. In Wireframe display mode, … Continue reading

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Building Character Customization (Part 2)

Review Welcome to the second part of my Character Customization blog post! The first part can be found here if you missed it, and it covers preparing a Blender3D file that contains a rig, several meshes weighted to that rig, and animations, … Continue reading

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Building Character Customization (Part 1)

For the past week or so, I’ve been adding more features to my asset build system on the Blender side and asset loaders on the Unity side to support character customization. What is character customization you ask? Read below! (And of course, if … Continue reading

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Turning Concept Art into a 3D Model in Blender

I’ve been writing a lot about the software engineering side of game development recently, and today, I decided to write about the art side. For my next game, I’m aiming for a lighthearted “cartoony” look, while capturing the adventurous fantasy … Continue reading

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