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Back in Blender

It’s been a while since I’ve done some 3D modeling work. I used to be a heavy 3ds max and Maya user, but have since switched to Blender3D. I’m still new to Blender; I’d say about 3-6 months worth of … Continue reading

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Number Crunchers Updated!

I just published an update on the Play Store. The main change is that you can now get lives back after a certain amount of time. Here’s the full change log: Number Crunchers Version 1.01 * Removed unnecessary permissions. * … Continue reading

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Number Crunchers Now Available on Android!

I finally launched Number Crunchers for the public to enjoy this past Saturday. I made some late additions leading up to the launch, namely a difficulty slider in the Settings menu, and descriptions of each math category right before you … Continue reading

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Next Project

Here is the first breath of life for my next project.

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Using Unity LineRenderer for Debug Drawing

I needed to render debug lines for some prototyping that I’m doing for a future project. Unity (5.0.1f1) has functions in the Debug namespace for DrawLine and DrawRay, but unfortunately, these functions only render in the Editor view, and not … Continue reading

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Recording the Promo Video

The Android SDK has a great function for recording your smartphone’s screen. It’s called “screenrecord,” which is used with adb.exe. Instructions on using this can be found here. Some caveats come with this though. The smartphone has to be connected to … Continue reading

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More NGUI UIScrollView positioning

So one major problem I’ve run across while implementing the Leaderboards with NGUI (3.8.2) was that items in a grid that are part of a scroll view initially start their positions at the bottom of the scroll view, rather than at the … Continue reading

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