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Using Android Studio for Unity Debugging

Whew! What a slowly productive day, yet productive nonetheless. I’ve been spending time trying to get the in-app purchases system working, and to a point, I wasn’t able to debug in Unity, since some of the messaging was using Android … Continue reading

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Number Crunchers is Coming Soon!

Number Crunchers is still under development, but I should be wrapping up soon. Head over to the Number Crunchers Landing page if you are interested in finding out when it will be released.

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Implementing leaderboards is turning out to be a lot more involved than I initially expected. Of course, it seems pretty straightforward to have a call from the main system to simply add a score and a name for that score … Continue reading

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Free and Paid apps or IAP to Unlock?

I’m at a point in app development where I have to decide how to publish a free ad version as well as a paid version with no ads and additional features. I’m using Unity, and since I’m fairly new to … Continue reading

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Initial Post

This is my first post on my new site. I’ll possibly get rid of this post before launch, since this is just a test, but I want to get an idea of how it is to post something here.

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