Horde Rush 1.02 Update

I’ve updated Horde Rush with a couple of new features and bug fixes!

The biggest difference in this release is the addition of this bad boy:

This is Squash. Yeah, he’s 48 weeks early for Halloween, but he can throw a pumpkin at you from a distance, so take him down as soon as you can with your arrows. If you can’t, then he’ll try to attack you up close.

I’ve also improved the Shield mechanics. I admit it was pretty difficult to use before. But now, when you shield the Hero from attacks, monsters get stunned for a short time. Not only that, the special meter charges whenever you ward off monster attacks with your shield.

I also fixed a few other annoying bugs, including the bow special attack, which now attacks your closest enemies first!

See the full list of fixes and additions in the release notes here:

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