Number Crunchers Now Available on iOS

That’s right! Number Crunchers, which was only available for Android for the past several months is now available for the iPhone and iPad!

Play a classic numbers game with a new look and feel! Get it here on the App Store today.

iOS Download



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Horde Rush Now Available On iOS

I am pleased to announce that Horde Rush is now available on iOS. That’s right! Check it out on the App Store here. Play the game on your iPhone or iPad today!

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Ramping up to Take on 2016

Happy 2016! I’ve been off the grid since before Star Wars released. It wasn’t because of Star Wars though, as I had just seen the movie this past weekend. I was keeping busy with everything Holiday celebrations, but mainly have been trying to kick an illness that’s been affecting my productivity.

As for Horde Rush,  I will be submitting the iOS build to Apple sometime soon, but it depends on the results of my internal beta test.

I’ve also been researching tech and prototyping my next project and I’m really excited about it. That’s not to say that I’m leaving my previous projects to rot. Number Crunchers seems to be building up an audience, so it’s only right that I update it with some new stuff. And I still have plenty of future plans to diversify the gameplay in Horde Rush.

Anyway, I was hoping my first post of 2016 would be more informative or educational for the game development community, but it’s been far too long since I’ve updated the blog. All I can say for now is that I have lots of plans for Under the Weather this year, and I’m going to execute these plans to the best of my abilities.

Until next time,

Make it fun!


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Horde Rush 1.02 Update

I’ve updated Horde Rush with a couple of new features and bug fixes!

The biggest difference in this release is the addition of this bad boy:

This is Squash. Yeah, he’s 48 weeks early for Halloween, but he can throw a pumpkin at you from a distance, so take him down as soon as you can with your arrows. If you can’t, then he’ll try to attack you up close.

I’ve also improved the Shield mechanics. I admit it was pretty difficult to use before. But now, when you shield the Hero from attacks, monsters get stunned for a short time. Not only that, the special meter charges whenever you ward off monster attacks with your shield.

I also fixed a few other annoying bugs, including the bow special attack, which now attacks your closest enemies first!

See the full list of fixes and additions in the release notes here:

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A Couple of Weeks After Launch

It’s been a couple of weeks since Horde Rush has released on the Google Play Store, and I’ve gotten some really good feedback from players. I’m glad to know that most of the feedback is positive, and I’m also glad that whatever negative feedback I’ve gotten, it has been generally constructive, and a lot of it is actionable.

While I’m trying to figure out how best to promote my latest game, I’ve been keeping busy with a few more features and fixes to the gameplay based on the feedback I’ve received, and I’m also working on the iOS port! Yay!

So back to that “promoting” thing… It’s rough. I knew it was going to require a tremendous amount of effort to generate awareness for the game. And I know that many indie game developers fall flat at this point as well. So, I’m still working at it, and my hope is that eventually, a lot more people will enjoy Horde Rush.

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Horde Rush is Here!


I’m very excited that Horde Rush is now available on the Google Play Store. Play it now, if you haven’t already!

Anyway, anyone who has been occasionally checking out this blog will have noticed that the website was down for the last few days. I want to sincerely apologize about this. I’ll write about the outage in a future post, but for now, I’m just glad it’s back up, because now that the game’s out, I would like to talk more about it. Until then, have fun in Horde Rush!


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The Horde Rush is Coming!

I’m coming to the final stages of development on my next game, Horde Rush!


I’ve been busy with bug fixes and adding some more content, so more detailed updates have been on hold for a couple of weeks, while I prepare for release.

I’m looking to release the game within a week or two, so keep an eye out for it!

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Some New Monsters in Blender

I added a couple of new monsters to my game: a skeleton guy and a werewolf character.

e02_wire_front  e02_wire_perspe02_texturede02_w_e01_walk_anim

I originally thought that modeling and rigging the skeleton would be easier than modeling a skinned mesh, it turned out to be a lot more difficult. I modeled each bone with the intention of simply parenting each rigid bone model to the armature’s bone. I hoped to eventually have the skeleton break apart into its component bones when the hero character strikes it. Unfortunately, at least for this first pass, it was proving too time-consuming to do this way, and this means that the underlying code base would require some special-case implementation to support monsters breaking apart. For the time being, all bones are combined into a single mesh, and thereby skinned to the armature. As far as the texture goes, I know it looks pretty horrible as it is. It’s just a temporary test texture, and I’ll be improving that as I get closer to launch.

The werewolf, on the other hand, was very quick to model, especially with a model sheet that exposed a lot of the detail and dimension for me.




You’ll notice that in the first image, the model sheet drawing isn’t exactly symmetrical. I just worked my way around this and did my best to estimate the vertex positioning. The lower jaw is a separate model that is attached to the chest bone. This way, I can animate the werewolf biting the hero character, because the neck bone will be rotated away from the chest bone. I could have added an additional bone to the armature specifically for the lower jaw, but again, this would require special-case code that I didn’t intend to implement. I’m pretty happy with this model, it’s design, vertex and face count, and how easy it was to build and animate. It also looks like the most menacing character in the game so far.

So, my game is coming along. I’m running into numerous road blocks on the way, but that’s game development for you. I’m hoping to wrap up around mid October, so I’m excited, a little anxious, and just working on the project whenever I can.

Good luck on your own projects, and as always,…

Make it fun!


  • Blender 2.74
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More Game Progress

Here’s a video of some progress on gameplay from a few weeks back. It’s gettin’ there, slowly but surely!

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Signing Into Android Google Play Game Services with Unity

Google Play Game Services

Google Play’s Game Services provide mobile apps with social game elements like leaderboards, achievements, and quests, which can give more value to the players of those apps. Since I’m using Unity for my current project,  I’m using an asset called Android Native Plugin from Stan’s Assets (ANP). Personally, I am not sure of how many other asset solutions there are that do the same thing, but at the time that I needed it, this asset was pretty much staring me in the face with its high number of customer reviews at pretty much 5 stars, its reasonable price, and the many testimonials mentioning the great support. So I went with it.

I actually used ANP first on Number Crunchers, for banner ads on the menu screens, and I also had some luck with Game Services login on that app, but decided against fully implementing the solution at that time.

Signing In

While Stan’s Assets and the Google Play online documentation are quite thorough in describing how to set up game services, the natural progression in software development is that shit happens, and not all the answers to your problems are immediately available. There have been some ongoing discussions on the Unity forums regarding connection issues, and here are some potential solutions and suggestions that I read about there to get this working, in no particular order.

  • The first thing suggested to me was to go to Edit > Project Settings > Quality Settings, and to set V Sync Count to either “Every V Blank” or “Don’t Sync”. Apparently some users have run into issues if this is set to “Every Second V Blank”.
  • The documentation for ANP still mentions that you can test on an emulator (not sure if this is still true), but it’s almost always a good idea to use an actual device to test on. Deploying admittedly takes a long time, but at least the results are far more accurate. The Google Play documentation also mentions using a debug certificate, and linking a debug version of the game in the Developer Console, but when I tested this, I did not get this to work, so you’ll have to deploy a signed APK.
  • Another suggestion was to delete the entry for the game in Game Services in the Developer Console, and then re-enter it, with a new keystore and client certificate. It sounds like a bit of work to redo, but it could possibly be the culprit.
  • If by chance, you’re upgrading from a previous version of the asset, first, back up your project. I was upgrading from 6.3 to 6.8, and I failed to fully read the “Update Best Practices” page, which probably would have saved me some headaches. Instead, I hand-picked all the files and folders to delete from my Unity project Assets folder, and installed a fresh copy of ANP. This resulted in a broken asset similar to what user D0R1N encountered here. I tried wiping the files clean again, and got as far as publishing and deploying my APK file, but I was still unable to connect. It was only until I again removed ANP using the “Remove” button inside the plugin that I got the asset working correctly.
  • Lastly, there have been suggestions (starting from user petediddy) about using a coroutine to wait for the connect() call to finish. In any of your Monobehaviours, particularly on init,
    void Start()
        StartCoroutine ("StartGooglePlay");
    IEnumerator StartGooglePlay()
        if (GooglePlayConnection.state != GPConnectionState.STATE_CONNECTED)
            GooglePlayConnection.instance.connect ();
            yield return new WaitForSeconds (1f); //pause for 1 second

    This isn’t directly tied to disconnection problems, but it has been mentioned for those who have had problems with sign-in latency and delays. I decided to keep this solution around in my code until a more stable release or workaround has been established.

I can’t guarantee that these solutions will work for everyone, but it’s what I gathered from the thread. I’m sure I missed a few other gotchas for the setup process, and am willing to add them here if anyone gives me a ping about it. There are quite a few landmines that can get you into trouble, so be careful ;).

Good luck!


  • Unity 5.1.3p2
  • Android Native Plugin 6.8.1
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